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The reason for the 4-5 inch thickness is because of cracking. Would it not be reasonable to think that the strength lies with the individual pieces being so small? Sure, I may see some cracking in the mortar joints, but that would be easily patched. What if I used a 5000 psi strength mix instead of the 4000? I laid pavers blocks around the house 4 years ago and not one of them have moved. My plan was excavate 4 inches down, plate compact, then lay down 2 inches of cracker dust and plate compact again.

A customer mentions that her husband is very pleased with the design and functionality of the Wovte concrete from and that you need to wait only five minutes before removing the mold. She adds that it’s a child’s play to use the walk maker and that it took her husband three days to finish a large section of their yard.

These are such an easy DIY concrete project, and fast! Make these large scale modern DIY concrete planters with this tutorial from Bruno at ‘Curbly‘. He takes you right through how to get these showstoppers made yourself. He even tells you his secret for what to use as a mold. There are as many options available on our molds as there are on our machines.

By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on AliExpress. We literally have thousands of great products in all product categories. Whether you’re looking for high-end labels or cheap, economy bulk purchases, we guarantee that it’s here on AliExpress. The last reusable concrete walk mold we examined is the Scepter Pathmate mold. It supplies a random pattern engineered to allow contractors and amateurs alike the ability to quickly layout attractive-looking pathways, ensuring random designs for curved walkway paths.

The Kenley original path maker measures 17” x 17” x 1.6”, and it features a weight of 2.9 pounds, 9-stone patterns for patios and driveways, and a PP resin construction. The mold is easy to clean, takes little space to store which is great if you have limited storage space, and you don’t need any special skills to use it. Overall, this is the ideal choice for any DIY gardener.

After one or more washings, you’ll start to notice the individual colors of the different grains of sand and bits of gravel that was used to make the pavers. The colored cement will still be there between the individual particles of sand and gravel. In your case, power washing will rapidly remove the colored cement paste that covers the small sand and gravel particles in your precast pavers. If you saved a paver in your garage that the installer left behind, one that has never been washed or exposed to the elements, you’d notice that it’s got a uniform color over the entire surface.

Using the same principle as a plumb bob, create a string/rope tied between sticks, sinking each stick in the ground at either end of the walk. Use the string as your guide for evenness each time you fill a new form. We understand surface textures add breadth and depth to your product line. With today’s software and scanning technology, we created some of our favorite organic surfaces that allow for a distinctive texture on the concrete molds and other products you create. In addition to our standard textures, send us your design and we can quickly provide customized surface samples. Columbia concrete molds are engineered and designed for your production needs. Our line of D2P molds provide options you are looking for to control concrete mold costs and match your mold purchases to your true needs.

The other two pieces, which will be your horizontal pieces, should be 11 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide. If you would rather your pavers be about 3 inches thick, rather than 2 inches thick, cut all four of your form pieces to be 3 inches wide. It seems like if you found cheap or free aggregate, you’d only pay for the Portland cement, which is really cheap itself. I’m looking to put a garden shed on some this summer. At my customer’s insistance, I did a flagstone patio dry laid on a tamped bed of stone over fabric & upper layer of screenings.

However, some customers have complained that the Quikrete mold is overpriced and that it’s messy to use it. Some users also noted that an 80 lb bag of concrete was too much and they advise that you use a 60 lb mix. This walk maker offered by Quikrete Companies is easy to use, handy, and suitable for creating cobblestones paths in your garden. Users love the simple design, but some do note that the mold is manufactured in China.

Artistic Pattern Paving Concrete Mold

Your friends and neighbors will not believe you created it yourself. Except for the time involved, the process is simple and straightforward, too.

You’ll want to fill-in any gaps and crevices between the stones with sand and use some black weed block prior to laying in the concrete to ensure that weeds don’t become a nuisance. In general, users are extremely satisfied with the functionality and usefulness of the Pathmate random stone mold. A buyer comments that he made a 16 ft path very quickly and that you need to wait only two minutes before removing the frame. He also says that the form is sturdy and light, and he recommends that you buy two for convenience. However, some customers have complained that the Quikrete mold is heavy and that it’s tiresome to use it for a prolonged time. Some users also note that it’s not very easy to smooth the edges and that the plastic is not very durable.

For professional results, remove one inch of topsoil, and level Walk Maker® before filling with concrete. Removed topsoil can be utilized to fill in open spaces on sides and between concrete after walk has set up.

The problem is that the nearest rental center was 45 miles away and the saw was about $90 per day. Renting it every weekend would have killed me on costs.

  • The cost ended up to be not much more than the mold method.
  • The results is, as you can see, very acceptable and you can do this over the course of many days, if necessary.
  • All of the middle sections can be completed as fast as you can drop them into place.

Columbia’s concrete paver molds are recognized worldwide for superior quality, fit and finish. We have set the industry standard for years and every member of our team is committed to supplying a superior product. And, if you’re new to AliExpress, we’ll let you in on a secret. Just before you click ‘buy now’ in the transaction process, take a moment to check for coupons – and you’ll save even more. You can find store coupons, AliExpress coupons or you can collect coupons every day by playing games on the AliExpress app. And, as most of our sellers offer free shipping – we think you’ll agree that you’re getting this concrete paving molds at one of the best prices online. You’re in the right place for concrete paving molds.

A closeup view of the gap that was left bordering the brick pavers on all four sides. the elegant basket weave brick pattern paver design.

Spread it to make sure it is level and covers all the corners. Bounce the concrete and mold to get rid of any air bubbles. Remove the bricks or the molds when they are done, and prepare the next set. The second option is to make your own paver molds – click here if you want to learn how. The benefits of making your own paving stones are clear.

As we previously mentioned- if you have a large project to do, you’ll want to rent a cement mixer rather than hand-mixing the concrete. Buyers also advise using Quikrete crack-resistant concrete- by far, the best results have been reported from employing this brand of concrete mix.

Types Of Concrete Molds

As well, you should spray off the molds with WD-40 after you’ve done four of them and expect that in terms of coloring you can apply half a bottle for every 80-pound bag. Reviewers say that it output beautiful cement stone patios, a cheaper alternative than purchasing paving stones- plus you can actually add colored pigment to give them an especially attractive appearance. Many buyers recommend spraying the form with Pam prior to setting, though there is mixed feedback regarding whether that actually works or not- you’ll just have to experiment on your own. Another home remodeler advised new purchasers to rent a concrete mixer if they are working on a large project, because hand-mixing cement can become an incredibly grueling process. One reviewer says that in order to stain their concrete walks, they mix the powder color in with the cement, saying that you want to mix it darker than your preference because it will certainly lighten later. A professional contractor told us that after all of the concrete has set, it’s a good idea to do some pressure washing on the finished stone patio and apply some semi-transparent stain.

Place the Walkmaker form on the ground and begin to fill the cavities with concrete. (36.3 kg) bag or 2 quarts (1.9 L)of water to each 60-lb. (27.2 kg) bag of QUIKRETE® Concrete or Crack Resistant Concrete Mix. Mix thoroughly until a plastic-like consistency is reached. If additional water is required, add small amounts until the correct consistency is obtained. The Walk Maker® can be placed on any relatively flat surface. It will automatically configure the concrete to the existing base.

Our hardworking concrete molds set the standard in the industry by producing perfect products for countless cycles. From basic parts to complex concrete molds solutions, our state of the art CNC equipment and robotic fabrication capabilities provides complete concrete mold solutions for your production needs. Our Machine Shop has some impressive capabilities including in-house heat treating, surface grinding, and full concrete mold assembly testing to name a few. Capabilities From products or services to technical tips and assembly instructions, we want you to get the most out of your concrete molds as possible. Product Catalog Our hardworking molds set the standard in the industry by producing perfect products for countless cycles. Online Mold Parts Ordering A personalized online store offers a quick and intuitive way to order the parts you need to keep your plant up and running.

We did everything we could to roll water off the patio. We used mortar joints between the flagstones and they popped some joints. I have that same mold and used it for a sidewalk years ago. I have a 16×16 foot deck at our current house and used the mold for a sidewalk on two sides. It has held up good except for the filler between the stones.

I also plan to mortar the blocks with the strongest thing I can find. As Gardengal mentioned, you’ll need a subterranean restraint edging along the walk side edges in order that the individual pavers don’t migrate outward, which is guaranteed to happen if you don’t have it. Will you finish the walk with sand between the paver joints? I hate to tell you this but the walkways I’ve seen made with preformed paving molds look inevitably amatuerish. And not the maker’s fault – the product just does not produce professional looking results.

You’ll save money per stone due to the low costs of concrete. Pour the concrete mixture into the mold and vibrate if necessary. View our recipespage for some different materials to use in our paver molds. Paving stone molds are usually used for floors, but if casted thinner, they could be used as wall tiles, for tabletops, or anything else your imagination desires. Most mold models have the option to purchase a set, which will make your final product look much more natural, and less like you “copy-pasted” the same mold over and over again. Every set piece is numbered /1, /2, /3 etc. at the end of the mold number. Freshly placed concrete should be water cured for a minimum of 3 to 5 days with a fine water mist.

Bring your garden, backyard or front yard to life with your very own personalized DIY project. As a leading concrete mold supplier to homes & businesses across the world – here are some of the common questions we get asked. Way better than all concrete and solves issue of rain runoff. This brings me to a point about the molds themselves; Mine got beat up – they all got loosy-goosy after about twenty rounds. I re-tightened the screws and continued on, but a few of the molds just didn’t make it. The gentler you are with your molds, the more mileage you’ll get out of them. I did quite a bit of patterning beforehand – basically trying out different sizes before I decided to commit to anything.

The rate of destructive force is directly proportional to the pounds-per-square-inch power the machine delivers, the angle of the spray-wand tip and the distance the tip is from the surface being cleaned. You just concrete paver molds have to look at the Grand Canyon to understand that water flowing over rock can do damage. Moss, mold and mildew need food to survive, just like you and I. The food sources are assorted, just as humans’ diets are.

It seems to crack and chip out every couple of years. But that was most likely due to something I did or did not do. I once laid about 2000 SF of hex shape pavers by myself. There was an open center island and about 200 liner feet of edging with a couple indentations for flower beds.

In the end, I went with a roughly 8 inch wide paver. Here we see the design I settled on for the paver mold. Concrete is pretty grippy stuff when it cures, so it won’t just pop out. As it turns out, the commercially available “waffle driveway” pavers weren’t all that cheap after all – if I had used them, it would’ve cost me around $800 to get the coverage I needed. Ok, we love, love, LOVE these DIY concrete planters from ‘Garden Therapy‘.

Producing ‘turns’ in a walkway path is another common challenge- it’s best to watch some instructional guides online prior to attempting it . Mix a bag of pre-mix concrete-get a shovel, water, and something to mix it in. Mix the concrete as directed, and pour it into your molds.