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Then there’s this package design we completed for NaturVet, which will be the first in Petco stores to offer safe and natural CBD treats for pets. While the Brand Intelligence phase establishes the soul of your brand, the Creative Development phase establishes how we look, sound, and act – it’s our perception to the world. We offer a personalized, collaborative approach to connecting remarkable clients to valued retailers. We build lasting relationships with our clients and take on their goals as our own. Our passionate team delivers on their promises and provides comprehensive, timely and cost-effective solutions. At SPM Communications, our experts can help you harness the latest CPG trends and technologies for the greater success of your brand.

If you’re a CPG marketer looking for some additional focus points based on the data, here are a few things to consider. “And I think that the popularity of Stories may be influencing the content that we see visually on other channels, too. Instagram content is taken up a notch from what we see on Stories no matter what. But I do think that the hard turn into ephemeral content is influencing what we see with content that lives longer,” she says.

If you put your creative mind to it, you can probably think about ways to improve your interactions with all of your distribution partners, experientially. Give retailers better experiences to gain better shelf space. In experiential marketing, we try to find more meaning or purpose to the interaction than just a one-way approach to sampling. What began in a townhouse on 48th St. in Manhattan has grown into generations of thinkers and creators who have put their own special mark on what it means to design the future. We have four core offerings…The Newton, The Lab, The Studio and The Building.

This way you have full transparency on results throughout the partnership and you know exactly where your CPG brand stands. Download this ebook for insights and strategies on how to transition from rudimentary metrics, gut feelings and market perceptions to quantifiable, future-proof marketing results. Two common measurement approaches—marketing mix modeling and multi-touch attribution—are built to support CPG marketing agency different objectives. While marketing mix modeling provides high-level strategic insights for budgeting and long-term planning, marketers seeking tactical insights for short-term optimization should consider multi-touch attribution. A centralized source ensures that targets are managed appropriately and prevents audience over-exposure to the same message or to conflicting messages for different campaigns.

They are a very professional organization and have made the process easy. SmartSites stays current with everything that’s happening digitally and Dylan Lopez is great to work with and goes the extra mile to make sure all my digital campaigns are optimized. Learn 10 tips and techniques for how to use consumer promotions to drive shopper engagement and strengthen relationships with retailers. According to the survey, online shoppers also want to find online retailers who will offer them good deals. Over half plan to search for discounts and coupons and use various sites to compare prices.

We Make It Very Easy For Customers To Take Action Bringing You Millions In The Process.

With your 24/7 performance dashboard and access anytime to all “real” unfiltered data, we remove the mystery for our clients. While reporting meetings focus attention on where there are opportunities to improve vs. only celebrating what’s working. Keeping line of sight on your objectives with the ground moving beneath you is a challenge unto itself. Whether you’re ready to jump in full speed or just have a questions for the team, there’s no better time to get the conversations started than right now.

We’ll handle your DTC channels and the strategy behind it while you sit back and watch your DTC revenue explode. You then need to send traffic to a state-of-the-art Sales Funnel to rise their interest and make them desire your product. No wonder why out of every $1 you invest in advertising… 99 cents are wasted. Please add the correct salary information in the original job posting.

You have people with a whetted appetite for exactly what you produce. Amazon users have a much higher intent to buy than if they found your product through Google. They know they have to quickly change marketing tactics, but the concept of selling on Amazon is daunting to them. It doesn’t help matters that, rightly or wrongly, Amazon is blamed for contributing to the retail apocalypse. that will increase search engine traffic and drives visitors from first contact to sales. We know all about the kind of brand-centric mentality that’s needed when it comes to crafting the perfect modern web presence.

Gravity is a place where ideas are conceived and tested, strategies are developed and applied, design begins and becomes ready for the world. With offices in New York & Toronto, our expertise is brand packaging and in-store communication. Check out our case studies, and learn more about how we’ll wield our expertise to grow your business, and your bottom line. The other option is either Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content, depending on what type of merchant you are. For A+/EBC, I really like Fitbit and how they’ve merchandised the individual listing. The minute they hit your Amazon page, you have the chance to sell to them in a way that just isn’t possible in packaging. Now you can actually engage with them through different forms of content.

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Four out of ten of these online shoppers also liked in-store pickup options. Free delivery motivated over half of respondents to purchase online. C. Lee Smith’s first book is a great guide for sales managers, as well as recruiters, who need to identify high-performers during their hiring process. SalesCred reveals how salespeople build credibility with the things they say and do every day. Lee Smith’s latest book explains The Hierarchy of Sales Credibility and how buyers qualify YOU. Tackle marketing objectives regardless of the point of sale.

The Evolution Of A Legacy: From Web Design Storytelling To A Branded Social Network

Our B2B websites boast gorgeous design, powerful functionality, all while being prepared and ready for any future web developments. A responsively designed website is dynamic, adaptive and built from the ground up for an evolving internet. Where do you do the vast majority of your browsing nowadays? For some of us, it’ll still be the classic desktop or laptop, but for a huge percentage, it’s mobile devices. That’s exactly why it’s crucial for websites to be responsively designed.

Our system will detect the change, and the updated salary data will be reflected on our site within 24 hours. Solid understanding and demonstrated expertise in the Marketing function. Learn more about how our values, services and, most importantly, people are changing the CPG experience with proven results. We have defined a seamless process that divides each project into easy-to-track phases and milestones.

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  • We understand the importance of properly advertising consumer packaged goods and how different the industry is compared to non-perishable products.
  • They can help producers offset increased competition for retail store space through online sales.
  • We utilize vertical advertising for niche CPG products and ultra-efficient DSP advertising to deliver the best experience for our advertisers– as well as more leads and conversions for your brand.
  • We have specific targeting options for reaching Grocery Buyers and Household Decion Markers.
  • Now that you understand the benefits of selling CPG online, you can explore ways to get consumers to buy products online that they still may be used to picking up at the grocery store.
  • Right now, online sales of CGP make up a relatively small but rapidly growing share of the overall market.

It means thinking about business problems differently and finding new solutions to old problems. Fill out the form below to speak with someone from our team. At Dreamweaver we recognize the power of both digital and human relationships. We just want to see if we can help you skyrocket your DTC revenue. Even if we don’t end up working together, you’ll get TONS of value from This free Strategy call. Set it, forget it, start saving money and selling like hell today.

As an Amazon seller, you’re getting people to your listing who are actually looking for a product like yours. They’ve typed in key phrases like chips, potato chips or bags of chips.

From her unique vantage point, Kotsikopoulos has some important takeaways on what factors are shaping brand imagery trends and how that’s manifesting in today’s market. Very knowledgeable group and they are always easy to reach when needed. Helped tweak my campaigns to save money while bring in more sales. We just started working with Smartsites to re-do our website and help us with our Pay Per Click marketing with Google Adwords.